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Midway by way of his career, Cees Dekker reinvented himself. Immediately after a long time of hardcore physics, he shifted his aim to ‘nanobiology’ on the turn in the millennium. A time period he coined himself, like a make any difference of simple fact.

Our group research bacterial mobile division which is aiming to constitute a ‘bottom up biology’ in artificial cells that can autonomously divide. Our most important fascination lies in cell division, chromatin structure, and spatial Command.

Multicolor imaging on the bacterial nucleoid and cell division proteins with blue, orange, and near-infrared fluorescent proteins

Nanofabrication of electrodes with sub-five nm spacing for transportation experiments on one molecules and metallic clusters

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The coiled-coil on the human Rad50 DNA restore protein contains distinct segments of improved adaptability

Numerous connected developments followed, in which our group set up distinct transistor variants for instance one-electron transistors at place temperature and intramolecular nanotube junctions that acted as rectifying diodes, and coupled various transistors into compact evidence-of-basic principle Digital circuits.

Move-pushed rotary motors like windmills and water wheels generate functional processes in human Culture. Despite the fact that examples of these types of rotary motors also aspect prominently in mobile biology, their synthetic construction at the nanoscale has remained complicated. Below we exhibit circulation-driven rotary movement of the self-organized DNA nanostructure that is docked on to a nanopore in a thin strong-point out membrane. An elastic DNA bundle self-assembles right into a chiral conformation upon phoretic docking on to the reliable-condition nanopore, and subsequently displays a sustained unidirectional rotary movement of up to 20 rev s−1.

Imagine if, instead of employing common leading-down silicon electronics, transistors may be crafted from the bottom up making use of solitary natural molecules given that the switching factors? This concept, which became The idea of now’s discipline of molecular electronics, to start with emerged from the nineteen seventies.

But carbon nanotubes have remained a study subject matter of significant interest to lots of. In fact, the outlook on making use of carbon nanotubes to build realistic units, in locations which include radio-frequency electronics, digital electronics and versatile electronics, stays bright.

[fourteen] In 2005 Dekker grew to become associated with Netherlands-huge discussions about Clever Style, a movement that he has considering that Evidently distanced himself from. Dekker advocates that science and faith are usually not in opposition but could be harmonized.

2006, very first demonstration of molecular sorting in a very lab with a chip utilizing biomotors; discovery of nanobubbles in reliable-point out nanopores; and first estimate of electrokinetic Vitality conversion in a very nanofluidic channel

2005, discovery on the system of DNA uncoiling by topoisomerase enzymes; discovery of extended-vary conformational adjustments in Mre11/DNA maintenance complexes; and very first pressure measurements on a DNA molecule within a nanopore

2004, discovery of new physics in translocation of DNA via nanopores; to start with experimental study of ions conduction in nanofluidic channels; initial electrochemistry with particular person solitary-wall carbon nanotubes; STM detection and Charge of phonons in carbon nanotubes; initially electrical docking of microtubules on kinesin-coated nanostructures; first biophysics characterization on the mechanical Houses of double-stranded RNA; and to start with solitary-molecule examine of DNA translocation by a restriction-modification enzyme.

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